Count Max Multiple Note Counting Machine

Count Max Mixed Value Cash Counting Machine

Count Max Mix Note Counting Machines helps to count the currency of all denominations in the mixed denominations and detect fake currency accurately.
It can count the total number of notes, Total number of notes for each denomination & Total value for all denomination of currencies.
Mix Note Counting Machines With Fake Note Detection For New INR / Rupees Currency 10,20, 50, 100, 200, 500 And 2000.

Count Max Multiple Note Counting Machine Count all the Currency at the same time.
This Count Max Multiple Note Counting Machine Count all the Notes and tell the total value of the Currency that had been Counted.
You have to put a Note on the top and Count Max Multiple Cash Counting Machine count and also detect fake notes while counting Notes.
You can put different Notes like 100/- and 500/- together. Count Max mix note counter machine will display the value on the 500 and 100 Notes.
Machine stop running if any Fake note comes on the counting.

  • Automatic Start, Stop and Clear
  • Batch, Add and Self-Checking Functions
  • UV, MG, IR and MT Technology for fake note findings
  • Half-Note, Chained Note & Double Note Detection with voice
  • Mixed Value Counting for Indian Rupee and show the Total Value and Denomination


Hopper Capacity 200 Bills max
Stacker Capacity
300 Bills max
Counting Speed1000 notes / per min
Currencies detectINR,USD,EUR,GBP
Counting Display4 Digits
Net. Weight5.3 Kg
Gross Weight6.3 Kg
CUSTOMER DisplayAvailable