godrej count matic

Godrej Count Matic Currency Counting Machine

Godrej count matic

Best and Fast Currency Counting Machine-Godrej Count Matic

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Every note counted with utmost dependability, accurateness and speed, Godrej Count Matic is designed aesthetically with closing technology, keeping client convenience and satisfaction in mind. It’s a choice choice for a smooth, fast and dependable processing of notes. A high functioning disunion type currency counter, it provides currency authentication at a high speed per nanosecond. This compact machine has a ultramodern design and is aesthetically pleasing. It’s fast getting the favored choice of businesses to enable smooth and fast procession of notes.

  • Hopper Capacity : 150 notes
  • Stacker Capacity : 150 notes
  • Notes Counting Speed : 1000 pcs/min
  • Display Type : LCD (Count display: 4 digits, Batch display: 3 digits, Total count/total value display: 6 digits) LCD color changes to Red when detects fake note with error codes
  • operation Dimension : 16 cm x 24 cm x 29.5 cm (H x W x D)
  • Size of Countable Notes : 5 cm x 10 cm – 16.6 cm x 10 cm
  • Thickness of Countable Notes : 0.075 mm – 0.15 mm
  • Machine Gross Weight : 6.5kg
Auto/ Manual ModeProvides flexibility to novice user to feed currency in manual mode
Count modeCounting and authentication of notes in a single pass
Batch modeCounting in batches of preset count
Add ModeAddition of all notes in multiple passes
Total Value Calculation Mode Calculation of total value by manually selecting currency denomination
Suitable for most currencies in the world
Fake Note DetectionAutomatic suspect note detection with UV,MG,MT Technology
Half Note and chained note, Double note detection with IR
display color changeLCD display color change to Red indication after detecting suspect note
keypadFeather Touch keypad
self check mode