Token Display system – Token Calling System

Fact Electronics Token Calling System, Token Display System for Banks,Hospitals,Hotels,Clinics


Token Display system for Hospitals – Banks – Clinics


•Voice Communication designing
•Description for complete details
•LED Display: 4” Height 7″ segment LED (Matrix) Digits

Other Details:

• customer  Languages selection
•Announcement languages English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil , Kannada and Malayalam etc.,
• Complete key pad for random token number calling
•Next key for serial token calling
•We can connect 10mt to 100mt from operated base unit to calling display.
•One base unit 2 or 3 or 4 no’s calling display connectivity  possible with our technology ( this model rate will be different ).
•Volume control available
• Serially Calling
•Randomly Calling Features available
•Very Best Quality
•Serial Communication design makes us very easy and operate to use.
•Repeat key for recall

Other Information
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

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