Note Count Machine

Ease 1000 Semi Value Cash Counting Machine

Ease 1000 Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detection Technology

Low Price Cash Counting Machine Online

Truster Branded New and Old Currency Counting Machine with fake note detection for New and old Cash 10/20/50/100/200/500/2000 Notes, Semi Value Counting Machine Offer Reliability, Accuracy and Speed to Business Owners


  • Automatic start, stop and clear
  • with UV,MG, MT,IR,DD Detection while Counting
  • Automatic Half-note , Chained-Note,Double-Note Detection Technology
  • with batch,add and self examination function
  • LCD color change to red when detect fake Cash or Note or Money or Currency
  • Voice on/off for Fake Note and Counting for New and Old Notes
  • Total Value Calculating Function ( Choose denomination manually ) Display will show total value after counting corresponding banknotes
  • Software can be updated through RS-232 port
  • specially for Indian Currency

Cash Counting Machine with fake note detection,

Note Counting Machine with fake note detection price and high Quality

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Truster Ease 1000 Semi value Cash-Note-Money Counting Machines
INR 8000
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