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No1 Cash Note Money Counting Machine-Godrej
Cash Note Money Counting Machines-Godrej

No1 Cash Note Currency Counting Machine in India – Godrej

No1 Cash Note Money Counting Machine-Godrej Cash counting Machine in India Branded of Godrej Security Systems, Semi Value Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection, Semi Value Manually Total Value, 100% accuracy, 1 min / 1000 Note counting, Best and Strong Machine with 1 Year warranty if Fake Note Display color will be changed RED, Auto, and Manual option, Batching Option, UV, MG,IR, MT Technology, good product,

Godrej Count Matic
whole note counted with utmost reliable, accurate and Speed
Godrej Security Solutions presents GODREJ COUNT MATIC. Designed with the latest technology,
keeping purchasers’ convenience and satisfaction in mind, GODREJ COUNT MATIC is the preferred choice for a loved one,
fast and reliable processing of notes. The newest introduction from the house of Godrej. GODREJ COUNT MATIC is a high-function,
friction-type currency counter that provides a currency speed of 1000 notes per minute.

No1 Cash Note Currency Counting Machine in India – Godrej

LCD Display with voice ON/Off 
working New 500,2000 Notes
while fake Note Display Color change to RED
Automatic detecting with UV and MG while counting for

Fake Note
MG detecting 2005 before Note Easily 
Automatic start-stop and clearing
With batching adding and self-examination
Double notes detecting 
Automatic half-note detection
Specially designed for the Indian market
12-month warranty

Godrej count maticvTechnical Specifications
Hopper Capacity150 Notes
Stacker Capacity150 Notes
notesCounting Speed1000 per min
Display TypeLCD (Count display: 4 digits, Batch display: 3 digits Total count / total value display: 6 digits)

LCD color changes to Red when detects fake notes with error codes.